Choose Hallco Live Floors®:

  • Allows bulk loads to be unloaded under low overhangs and on uneven or soft ground
  • Enable repositioning of loads for best axle loading
  • May be made to move wet loads without drips
  • Move virtually any load weight
  • Handle virtually ANY width and length of load
  • Move whole container-loads at speeds up to 11 ft/min
  • May be configured for variable rate conveying
  • Cover the entire floor limiting load bridging
  • Bearing surfaces are long lasting and stable
  • Combine the best drive with the best slat to fit the application
  • Enable in-place maintenance and overhaul while fully loaded
  • Use reliable and available industry standard hydraulic hoses where required
  • Are well balanced with equal number of slats on each cylinder rod
  • Are simple to install and maintain with fewer parts and fasteners, less welds, no clutter and easy access to components
  • Capabilities are never oversold
  • Achieve the right balance between system longevity and speed
  • Have been tested and proven since 1976
  • Are being improved upon and developed further today!


  • We’re a waste hauler running about 75 trailers with Hallco Live Floors, operating throughout Ontario and Quebec, Canada extending down into New York and Michigan.

    It was around 2000 when we made the switch to using Hallco Live Floors. Hallco was more willing to work with us in the interest of change and we appreciate that we can call anytime to get help; they will walk you through a technical situation without making you look stupid. Plus, the new ownership seems willing to make changes; they are standing behind their products, sticking with it and looking after us. Hallco represents the saying “Big enough to serve you. Small enough to care.”

    Jim Culp – President
    J. E. Culp Transport
    4815 Merritt Rd
    Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

  • Pritchett Trucking runs 220 to 225 trailers with Hallco LIVE FLOORS. We have direct contact with Hallco and have never had to wait 2 or 3 days to talk with someone. Also, we have no service problems; some of our floors are 10 years old! We’ve never had to search for anything else; in fact we have 10 new Hallco systems on the way right now.

    Donnie Montgomery
    Pritchett Trucking
    Lake Butler, Florida

  • Service is extremely good across the board. We have had so few issues with them, and if we do they are always right there – Johnnie on the spot. When we started up the initial training, it was very well done. The reason we continue to partner up with Hallco is because the service and the systems are virtually maintenance free, we hardly ever have a problem, unlike some of the other systems we have used. We are really happy with Hallco.

    Victor Acevedo
    Peterson Pacific
    Eugene, Oregon

  • We are still running a Live Floor we purchased in 2000 that we use when hauling construction, demolition debris, sheet rock and other refuse; and it’s still going strong! We’ve had a good experience with Hallco, our sales rep David Lowery is so familiar with the system we’ve had very few glitches – David is always just a phone call away. If we need a part we call Ron in Tillamook and we have it the next day.

    Andrew Perkins
    Valley Refuse & Disposal
    Salem, Oregon

  • Trucking has been our business for more than seventy years. Given the current economic conditions; durability, performance and reliability within the fleet is essential to remain successful. Hauling into a landfill daily is as tough as it gets with regard to equipment. When choosing a live-floor system, take my advice, Hallco Live Floor systems outwork, outlast, and outclass others. Simply stated, Hallco Industries, Inc. has engineered the finest, most durable live-floor systems built today.

    When choosing a live-floor system, Hallco is in a class by itself.

    Nothing is tougher on equipment than hauling municipal solid waste. As for live-floor systems, Hallco Industries, Inc. has the toughest, most reliable live-floors built today.

    Jason M. Proctor
    Owner, Director of Operations
    Proctor/Crookshanks Companies
    Corcoran, CA

  • We’ve been with Hallco since day one. I like the ease of maintenance. We’re still running the first drive that we purchased in 1978.

    Steve Brunello
    Lassen Forest Products
    Red Bluff, CA