About Hallco Industries

Hallco Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures a full line of bulk materials handling solutions for trucks, trailers and stationary conveyor/bin systems. The original LIVE FLOORS® systems are hydraulically powered and are comprised of a series of deck slats that move in sequence to both load and unload quickly and completely.  Drive units and deck profiles have been designed to cater to customer’s needs for lightweight, heavy-duty or leak-resistant uses.

In 2008, long-time Hallco customer Mike Almond of Australia purchased the company and committed to reinvigorating all aspects of the operations; from enhanced R&D to Operations, Manufacturing, Marketing and the Dealer Network.  Under Mr. Almond’s watch, and with the talent of Hallco’s expert staff, the company has introduced new products in response to customer demands.  These include the W Floor for leak-proof waste hauling, first-of-its-kind internally sealed drive unit the i-6000 Series, as well as obtaining patents on Hallco’s Plastic deck.  And even more innovations are in the works, products designed to meet the needs of customers in a variety of industries.

Hallco recently consolidated their operations at their headquarters in Tillamook, Oregon to improve efficiency and provide room for growth.  As the company has geared up to respond to rising customer demand, through building construction and purchases of new equipment, they continue to utilize a proven production standard known as Lean Manufacturing. This innovative process helps Hallco streamline production through continuous improvement and employee training; achieving increasingly higher standards for Hallco products. The goal of Lean Manufacturing is to achieve higher quality, lower costs and shorter lead times. It has helped to eliminate waste from the workflow process to improve performance and competitiveness, resulting in a better product for the customer.

Hallco remains committed to close customer contact and continual research and development, continued innovation and a determined desire to also improve existing product designs. This, combined with a strong dealer network and knowledgeable sales staff, has led to the company’s continued success.

Hallco Industries is headquartered in Tillamook, Oregon on the West Coast of the United States with distribution and service centers in North Carolina and Texas.