Hallco Live Floors® are a powerful system using a series of moving slats riding on a bearing surface and are powered by hydraulic cylinders. Designed to handle a wide range of loads, from dry materials to wet, soggy refuse and recyclables, Live Floors® is the only choice for unloading your truck or trailer.

Specifically designed for use in a variety of trailers, The Hallco Live Floor® unloads nearly any material, including bulk goods, pallets, drums, bales and rolls. Trailers unload in minutes and provide the advantage of unloading indoors and on uneven ground. Tough enough to handle loads of several hundred ton, Live Floors® are engineered for maximum durability.

Each system can be customized to suit your specific application, from floor slats to planks, they are available in virtually unlimited dimensions and weight restrictions depending on your particular use. Live Floors® can also be easily combined with existing equipment for maximum efficiency.

Although the floor slats/planks are most often made of aluminum, we have designed and installed steel slats/planks in systems requiring maximum impact absorption and specialized applications.

With your choice of drive unit, floor size and type of construction, Hallco Live Floors® conveyors are the right solution. No matter what you’re hauling – trash, grain, steel coils, gravel, lumber or scrap metal – our products assure maximum efficiency and profitability. For guaranteed durability, reliability and performance in a live floor, specify the original: Hallco Live Floors® conveyor system.